Latin America interactive documentary of social denouncement

Valentina Moreno Zambrano

Latin America interactive documentary of social denounce

After a convulsive political history, South America has spent the last years looking for traces to reveal the abuses that even today are still carried out with impunity against many citizens. For this reason, the social issues denouncing documentary has become one of the lines of work with more development among the documentary filming in the area.

The advent of new technologies has opened new possibilities to delocalized interaction based on the principles of collaboration and collective intelligence. The postulates of Web 2.0 have allowed creating knowledge-sharing networks and have even moved the power of traditional media, by giving this power to citizens. The new models are increasingly demanding transparency to both public and private institutions; proof of that have been protests in Mexico following the murder of the 43 students from Ayotzinapa or massive marches against President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela through February 2014.

For these reasons, we want to analyze the rise of interactive documentary in Latin America, focused on the theme of social criticism. We also analyze the possibilities of participation provided by interactive documentary in these environments, based on the perspective of visual anthropology. The collaborative element of these films opens the door to new possibilities for construction of the collective imagination of the community, and even the subject itself, to build a dialogic exchange in which viewers are simultaneously co-authors.

For the analysis we have chosen the following documentaries: “Quipu collaborative documentary project” by Rosemarie Lerner, Maria and Sebastian Melo Court (Peru-UK); the transmedia collaborative documentary “Desiguales (Unequal)”, led by the Latin American Chair of Transmedia Narratives; the transmedia documentary “Women on Sale”, led by Multimedia Communication Department of the National University of Rosario; interactive transmedia “# Voto83” by newspaper Clarin of Argentina and Mexico interactive Dissapeared, by Associated Press in Mexico.